Let yourself be enchanted by the extravagant rings and bracelets of our collections – DermaPrimari and Trame. Each selfmade by the designer Clizia Moradei from Florence, Italy.

Primari Collection

Primari Collection

16 unique rings made with synthetic materials and artificial resins. Winking to stylish, contemporary art. The origin of this collection lies in their only connection. The primary colors they have arisen from – Primari. Following the color and surface of their sustainable material, each one reflects extravagant personality traits. Making them to something more than just a daily accessory: a collectable symbolic self-extension.


Trame Collection

An extravagant collection of unique rings and bracelets. The pieces are inspired by the concepts of materiality and interweaving. Clizia Moradei further processed special pieces of the Primari Collection. Striving to preserve the beauty of the tension between the threads and the irregularity of the surface created with artificial resins. To achieve this effect, she used a century-old procedure of lost-wax casting. The pieces of Primari Collection are cast into bronze, brass, and silver plated brass jewelry. Creating a minimal yet elegant look that makes it easy-to-wear and easy-to-match.


Trame Collection