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Clizia Jewelry is an innovative, artistic jewelry brand based in Florence, Italy. Clizia Moradei founded the label in December 2016 with the support of Johannes Ströbele. The jewelry originates from the experimentations of Clizia Moradei. She is a young Italian designer from Florence, Italy. An unstoppable passion for art, sensitivity towards style, and curiosity towards materials inspired her to expand into the world of jewelry. In order to connect objects-people-spaces, she chose a mixture style of Northern European contemporary minimalism combined with a glamorous Italian touch for her collections. Each piece – in its uniqueness – communicates the same concept: the idea of jewelry as a powerful instrument of communication.

After many experimentations, the first collection out of artificial resin called Primari was born. Each ring has a unique story and is connected through their origin in the primary colors. Trame is the second collection. Clizia Moradei used a century-old procedure of lost-wax casting to create these extravagant yet minimal rings and bracelets in semi-precious metals. Currently, she is experimenting with new techniques and styles for her collections. Stay tuned for more

Being a globetrotter for discovering new inspirations, Clizia Moradei ran by chance into Johannes Ströbele in Munich, Germany. A young German marketing geek, architecture lover, and startup enthusiast. When he met Clizia Moradei and saw her jewelry ideas, one thing became immediately clear to him. He wanted to make these unique, artistical pieces public to the world. Therefore, he strongly encouraged the creation of the brand and assists Clizia Jewelry with advice regarding project management, social media marketing, and brand development

Johannes Stroebele
Clizia Moradei