Falene Collection

Like nocturnal moths, we soar free on sparkling wings of light thoughts. Like the yearnings of lovers who, trying to hide their most intimate and worldly passions, get confused between futile words. Our sinuous wings envelop the fingers of burning spirits, anticipating the fatuous melt before being touched. We are rings born in plastic fiber, but transformed by fusion in silver and brass. Conceived by the imagination of a little entomologist, attracted by the charm of metamorphosis, we awaken the childish excitement of collecting butterflies and insects.

Derma Collection

The prenatal pleasure of touch gives us the first contact with the world through which energy flows. The relationship between skin (dèrma) and feelings is the key to enhance our perception of the world and the re-appropriation of time. Licking your fingers while eating popcorn, getting goose bumps or enjoying the scented bathtub, are pleasant reminders of our little dedication to sensory synaesthesia on a daily basis. Fat, dry, rough, oily, tattooed, tanned, freckled, the infinite textures of our skin inspired these unique bracelets and rings in black nylon fibre, gold foil and brass. Jewelry becomes a second skin that guides through a journey into the essence of sensory perceptions and body language.

Primari Collection

Primari Collection

Protagonists of this collection we are a series of unique sculptural rings made with artificial resins, each one with a personal story to tell. The name comes from our colourful nature which mixes the primary – Primari – colours. The abstract and exuberant materiality makes us something more than a daily accessory: a collectable symbolic self-extension.

Trame Collection

Trame Collection

The tension of threads and the surfaces’ irregularity design rings and bracelets born by further processing artificial resin into lost-wax metal casting. We are minimal yet extravagant and made of bronze, brass, and silver plated brass.