Sensuality, smoothness and a punch of freckles are my recipe. Massages and caresses with oily oriental scents are the best cure for hasty working rhythms. Shower are not in my vocabulary! I’d rather bathtub submersed in soap foam, surrounded by golden ducklings and inebriated by perfumed incense…

Corneo ring

Corneo bracelet


I easily dry in winter but benefit from berries juice and creamy lotions. I am attracted by refined skin designs and henna tattoos and obsessively write notes on my palms. My love for cinema is equal to my addiction to eating popcorn – especially with melting white butter on top – and licking my fingers afterwards.

Acme ring

Acme bracelet thin

Acme bracelet thick


I know that the combination of sticky sand and granular salty water can be itchy for some people, but definitely not for me! Walking naked on the beach, adding a hint of sparking spray over suntan, or dipping hands in talcum powder sacks are my secret perversions. Baking frees my mind and my hands, inspiring primitive recipes by driving me back to a natural instinct.

Talco ring

Talco bracelet thin

Talco bracelet thick

Notice that being handmade and unique, the pieces ordered may vary from the pictures displayed and that their irregular shapes make sizes subjected to a margin of variation.

Photos: Laura Terzoni