Protagonists of this collection we are a series of unique sculptural rings made with artificial resins, each one with a personal story to tell. The name comes from our colourful nature which mixes the primary – Primari – colours. The abstract and exuberant materiality makes us something more than a daily accessory: a collectable symbolic self-extension.


Acqua ring with glas

I was born in the deep ocean where I spent my time swimming in magical underwater worlds.


Bianco ring with melon

My philosophy about arranging spaces is huge windows, clean white walls, and monotone plastic accessories.


Ambra ring with coffee

As rare as the most precious gemstone from the deepest mountain.


Nuvole ring with wood

Typically you find me on the right hand, holding a sharp pencil and an everlasting black-page sketchbook on the other.


Corallo ring with lighter

I come from a small village, where once Pompeii stood.


Denim ring with

The latest pilot sunglasses, a pair of denim jeans, and a leather jacket are a must-have in my wardrobe.


Pinko ring with phone

I am picked by social media addicts, who are crazy in love with post-its and stalking their idols.


Cyan ring with tea cup

My lively parrot, called Smurf, is about the same age as me and speaks as quickly as I do.


Fucsia with jelly bears

Always having all sorts of bubble gums at hand to fit colourful-patterned pockets.


Hazel ring with plant

I was born in a warm place. Probably, some brown-coal mine on the island of Colonsay.


Hosta ring with chain

I really like to be combined with short hair and clutches with some shiny detail.


Nova ring with stone

Like a black hole, I am overflowing with uncontrollable energy.


Leo ring with shell

Adventurer without boundaries living a life constantly on the edge while dreaming about going on the wildest safari.


Scarlet ring with book

I go hand in hand with black panthers, fluffy cactuses, and red branded evening dresses.


Cristallo ring with banana

A fragile explosion of mottled ocher summarizing the instant mix of humbleness and positivity.


Kiwi ring with cactus

I was either born in the jungle or in a New York flat overflowing with fat plants.

Notice that being handmade and unique, the pieces ordered may vary from the pictures displayed and that their irregular shapes make sizes subjected to a margin of variation.

Photos: Marco Tombo Ghilardi