I was born in the endless depth of space. Surrounded by ancient ice, I felt a part of myself missing… something warm that will melt away the coldness in my heart. After traveling millions of years through the galaxy, I came across a planet that radiated an incredible heat. In an instant, I realized I found it! Coming closer, I was overwhelmed with indescribable joy. Leaving behind a mysterious sparkling trail of drops that you may spot in the nocturnal summer sky…

Scia Bracelet Silver

Trame silver bracelet

Scia Ring Silver


During those nights where you can’t distinguish hot from cold, I sit outside on the veranda. As I start to daydream, I suddenly find myself lying calmly on the seabed of the dark blue sea. Like an old wreck filled with never-told stories. In another moment, I catch a bronze tan in a deserted battlefield in the ancient Greece. Experiencing the feeling of wearing an abandoned, precious armor of a forgotten god. Then all of a sudden, I wake up and discover with surprising pleasure that someone moved me to my bed. So I continue dreaming…

Talos Bracelet Bronze

Intreccio bronze bracelet

Talos Ring Bronze

Intreccio brass ring


You can find me in the old library next to the train station, the run-down jazz club, or gazing at the town’s fortress ruins on rainy days. I love reading old books about long-forgotten riddles and mysteries. My favorite one is this: ‘What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?’. The things I couldn’t live without are my faded cap, my watonai goldfish and my rubber plant I always forget to water.

Node Ring Silver

Node silber ring

Node Ring Brass

Node brass ring

Notice that being handmade and unique, the pieces ordered may vary from the pictures displayed and that their irregular shapes make sizes subjected to a margin of variation.

Photos: Marco Tombo Ghilardi